Reviews of the Best UPS Battery Backups For 2018

In every office or workplace that uses computers on a day to day basis. An abrupt power surge or outage can cause a lot of damage. Not only that it can compromise the data, but it can also cause a loss of files. A sudden power surge or outage can also lead to hardware failure especially when it happens frequently.

Using uninterrupted power supplies or UPS can prevent this from happening as they provide extra battery life for certain periods of time. They allow users to have enough time to save their work or for shutting down computers properly.

These equipment are very useful for both emergency and day to day office operations. However, choosing the best UPS battery backups can be challenging.

It will require you to consider several things based on the situations given. This may be an easier task if you only need one unit for your computer, but in a workplace, it’s another issue. In any case, if you are looking for the best UPS units in the market.

This article will provide you the product reviews of the best of the best in the market today. Reviews that will introduce you to the leading UPS units today and provide you the key qualities that make them the best.

To get to know the top uninterrupted power supplies this 2018, you can just refer to the list below.

The Top UPS Available in the Market Today

Now we are going to introduce you to the best uninterrupted power supplies available in the market today. We are going to provide a list of product reviews that will introduce you to each UPS that will allow you to see what each of them has to offer. To help you decide what the best unit that will suit your needs is.

APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA – $172

First on this list is the Back-UPS Pro unit. Considered to be the best of the best this unit can protect a total of 850W electronic devices. Manufactured by APC, this back power supply is designed to keep an entire network up for an extended period of time. Engineered to accommodate up to ten devices, including five with backup batteries, this is a the top unit in the market today. With a price tag of $172, the Back-UPS Pro unit is a perfect unit for offices with plenty of computers.

CyberPower’s CP685AVR-G AVR – $70

Running from 685VA or 390W up to 1500VA the CP685AVR-G model manufactured by CyberPower is one of the most highly regarded uninterruptible power supply units in the market today. Designed to have eight outlets four with battery plus surge protection and four battery only, this model can power your home for an hour even with its lowest voltage output. Priced at $70, this unit can be a great investment for offices and workplaces with numerous computers and media devices to protect.

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Back-UPS Manufactured by APC – $55

If you are on a tight budget, one of the best options for you is the Back-UPS model manufactured by APC. Priced at $55, this exceptional uninterrupted power supply unit can protect up to seven computers or media devices from power outages or surges. This budget-friendly UPS unit has five outlets that can provide charge, and it is also equipped with a dedicated USB for smart devices. With this unit, you can expect up to four hours of runtime, and it can also help you reduce your power bills. A pretty efficient and beneficial unit to invest on.

PLUG UPS Unit Manufactured by ChargeTech – $315

For those of you looking for a reliable and portable UPS unit. Battery guru of battery man guide who recommended for us to tell you that The PLUG model manufactured by ChargeTech can be the right one for you. This portable battery backup up unit is a behemoth that packs up to 54000 mAh of charge, enough to deliver power to a party that will last all night. This unit is equipped with a solar recharge feature that allows harvesting solar energy to keep it charged all the time. Built with two AC wall outlets as well as two fast-charging USB port, it also has a USB-C port for improved power delivery.

The CF-UPS018 by Chafon – $349

Thin, lightweight and high-capacity is what this CF-UPS018 UPS unit manufactured by Chafon offers. As a power supply that can work both indoors and outdoors, this device features eleven outputs, including three 120V AC outlet, four 12V DC ports, and four USB ports. Designed to work as an emergency power source, it can keep your computers and media devices working for extended time periods.

Smart-UPS by APC – $650

Considered to be the best-uninterrupted power supply unit for businesses. This Smart-UPS unit from APC is a network-grade, rack-mountable power supply that features eight backup and surge protector outlets that can provide up to 20 minutes additional runtime to your units. As one of the most sturdy and durable UPS in the market, this is the best option for businesses with plenty of devices to protect from power outages or surges.

Final Thoughts

Now that you learn about the best UPS battery backup available on the market today. You can now compare them or use them as your standards to guide you in your quest of searching for the best suitable UPS for your needs. All of these units listed above are considered to be exceptional due to their reliability and durability. So picking from this list is a great decision.

Best Home Battery Backup – Top Three CyberPower UPS Units

Sudden power outages and surges are very dangerous to electronic appliances, computers, and various media devices. These causes tremendous amounts of current flowing into the electrical devices which can cause hardware or component failures.

For computers, these unexpected power fluctuations can also cause data loss and file corruption. To avoid these things from happening and protect your computers and media devices from dangerous power outages and surges, your best option is to use an uninterrupted power supply unit.

With a UPS, your computers and media devices will have an extra runtime when a power outage occurs. It will also protect them from sudden power surges since the UPS unit will take the burst of current.

Here we are going to provide you product reviews of the best home battery backup that you can have. Reviews on the top three uninterrupted power supply units manufactured by CyberPower, which is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

The reviews that you find below will introduce you to each of them and show you the key qualities that they can offer.

Top Three UPS Units Manufactured by CyberPower

CyberPower is one of the most recognized manufacturers of UPS units. They are noted for providing the most reliable and durable uninterrupted power supply models throughout the entire industry.

On the list below, you will get to know their best products available in the market and learn what each of them has to offer. Allowing you to understand why they are considered to be the best options to protect your home electronic devices.

To find out what are they, continue reading below.

CyberPower CP685AVR – The Best for Home Networks – $70

For those of you who want to purchase a UPS unit to protect your home network. The CP685AVR UPS model from CyberPower is your best choice. As a very reliable device that can protect your entire home network from power outages and surges. This model is designed to deliver enough power to keep your broadband modem as well as Wi-Fi router running for an hour during blackouts.

Useful for emergency situations and for following the news and weather updates when there’s no power, this reliable device is an excellent home backup power supply.

Another great thing about CyberPower is that they are the only manufacturing company that offers, affordable UPS units that can correct minor or slight power fluctuations without relying on battery power. This extends your battery life and boosts reliability which is very beneficial in the long run.

CyberPower CP800AVR – Your 2nd Best Option – $87

In case the first one is not available, you can settle into the CP800AVR UPS unit manufactured by CyberPower. Slightly powerful than the first one, this beast promises to deliver up to 450W of power which is a bit more compared to the 390W of the first one. Due to this slight increase in current output, this unit is also a bit more expensive at $87.

With a similar design and engineering with the first unit mentioned above, this model can also keep your entire home network running for one hour without power. This is a great home investment that can benefit you by protecting your computers and media devices for years.

CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD – Perfect for Workstations – $130

If you are looking for a more flexible unit that can power larger devices, the CP1000PFCLCD UPS model of CyberPower is the best option for you. Engineered to deliver up to 600W and designed to five battery-backed outlets, this model also offers pure sine wave power which is essential for your sensitive devices.

However, this unit has a smaller battery compared to the first two models which can only provide 300W load which is only enough to power a desktop, a monitor or a networking gear for about eight minutes. Although it can be a shorter time period, it can be enough to save your work and shut down properly.

Considerations in Picking A UPS for Your Home

Picking the right UPS unit as a backup power supply for your home can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for. To help you choose the best unit for your home network, here are the considerations to keep in mind.

● Battery Capacity – One thing you have to consider in buying a UPS is the battery capacity of the unit. It indicates how much power it can provide during a power outage. The higher the battery capacity, the longer the extra time it can offer.

● Power Output – You also have to think about the power output of the unit. It indicates how much the unit can power at any given time. It will give you an idea of devices it can power during an outage.

● Extra Features – When it comes to purchasing a UPS unit, you also have to consider the extra features of the unit. This will give you an idea of how a particular unit can be beneficial for you. Some extra features like status display, remaining runtime and power management software give the unit the edge compared to their competition.

Final Thoughts

Those are the best home battery backup units manufactured by CyberPower. This article only introduced you to the products listed above. If you want to go for other brands, it’s up to you. In case you are looking for other brands, we also provided you with some helpful information that will help you pick the right unit for you.

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