How to Charge A Dead Mobile Battery Without Charger?

One of the most annoying and frustrating things that could happen when you are out on a trip is when you discover that you left your phone charger. Being on an out of town trip without a phone charger will leave you a dead and useless phone.

However, there are plenty of alternative ways that you can do to get your phone back on track even without your charger. If you are creative enough, you can charge your gadget using your laptop, car charger and more.

Here, we are going to help you how to charge a dead mobile battery without a charger by providing ideas on how to get it done.

In this article, we listed several bizarre ways on how you can charge your phone battery or gadget without the right charger. Most of the tricks listed here will require you to use different tools to charge your gadget successfully.

To learn more about these unusual ways of charging, you can just continue on reading below.

Unusual Ways of Charging A Dead Mobile Battery

In this section, we will introduce you to the several ways of how you can charge your dead battery without a charger. These methods will also introduce you different tools that have to use to proceed with the charging operation. You can use them as an alternative when you’re camping, out of the grid and more.

Charging Your Gadget Using A Hand Crank Device

If you are going on a camping trip where you won’t have any access to an electrical grid yet you want to bring your phone or a gadget with you. You can purchase a hand crank charger which will allow you to charge your gadget by simply putting an effort to crank the device. It uses the kinetic energy that you are producing and converting it to electrical energy which can charge your phone or gadget.

Wind Turbine Charging Device

If you don’t want to put any efforts on cranking the first device mentioned. You can take advantage of nature by using the wind turbine charging device. It uses the same principle of the wind turbines that generate electricity. You can just look for windy location and then put the device where it can harvest the wind energy and let it charge your phone or gadget.

The Fire-Side Charger

If you love to set campfires and roast some hot dogs or marshmallows. The Fire Side Charger is the right gadget for you. This device absorbs heat energy from the campfire and then store it to be converted into electrical energy that you can use to charge your gadget. This charger is also perfect for BBQs or a night at the beach where you can sit back relax while having a campfire near you.

Small Solar Chargers

One of the most popular devices of today is the solar charger. This device is composed of small solar panels that can harvest the solar energy and use it to charge your phone. You can use this device every day. It’s an excellent alternative for charging your device daily.

Use You Body Heat to Charge Your Phone

A new innovation today lets you charge your phone using your body heat. A product has been introduced which is called Pocket Power. It is a pair of denim jeans that absorbs your body heat and convert it into electrical energy that can charge your gadget. I think I might try this one.

Final Thoughts

Those are some alternative that you can use on how to charge a dead mobile battery with a charger. Purchasing any of those items may be really helpful for your cause. Those device mentioned above also decreases your carbon footprint since they are using renewable energy to charge your gadgets.