The Secret Ways Of How to Revive A Dead Phone Battery?

As smartphone users, we enjoy the excellent benefits that this pocket-sized computer has to offer. We use them to send text messages, call our friends, play games, watch videos, listen to music and even for work.

Smartphones are pretty useful pieces of equipment that allow us to do a lot of things. However, too much use of these gadgets can lead to a dead phone battery that renders them to be useless.

Leaving us with no choice but to purchase a new replacement battery or even a new gadget.

What if I tell you that there are several ways to restore a dead phone battery?

Methods that we can do to get it back on track and still use it. Here we are going to talk about the different ways on how to revive a dead phone battery.

The secret methods that will allow you to get your dead phone battery to working condition and keep you from purchasing a new one which will cost you more money.

I know you are getting excited right now, so to learn about these methods, all you have to do is to continue reading below.

Secret Methods of Fixing A Dead Phone Battery

If you are dealing with dead phone battery, you are probably thinking of purchasing a new replacement or even a new smartphone. Both of these options are too expensive and will greatly affect your budget.

Fortunately for you, there are several ways that you can do to attempt breathing your dead phone battery a new life. To learn more about these methods, refer to the list below.

By Wiping and Cleaning

In this method, you are attempting to recondition your dead battery by simply wiping and cleaning your phone. When your phone is subjected to long-term use, the metal surfaces of the battery and your phones can have oxidation buildups.

It significantly shortens the lifespan of Li-ion batteries. Open your phone and try to get rid of this oxidation buildup may increase the chances of reviving your phone battery.

By Freezing

In normal temperatures, the kinetic energy within the battery of your phone is sizeable, but when your battery maintains an active or ready state, electric leakage may occur.

At low temperatures, this may be altered increasing the chances of boosting the battery’s lifespan. To attempt reviving your battery, follow the steps below.

● Wrap the Li-ion battery of your phone using an old newspaper then rewrap it in a plastic film twice. Make sure that the plastic is properly sealed.
● Place your wrapped battery in the ice compartment of your refrigerator for at least three long days.
● After three days take your battery out and unwrap it. Then make sure to put the battery on a cool location and never expose it to sunlight for two days.
● Insert the battery in your phone and don’t turn it on. Charge it using the correct charger for 48 hours.
● Finally, after charging your device for 48 hours, turn on your device and check the battery level to see if the methods are successful.

Try to Jumpstart Your Phone Battery

In this method, you are going to jumpstart your phone battery like an automotive power cell. You have to gather the materials that you need. The materials that you need and the steps to take are listed below.


● Easy access terminal 9-volt battery
● A long wire that you can split in two for both terminals
● Electrical tape to make sure the connection is secured


● Connect the wires on the negative and positive terminals of the 9-volt battery
● Then connect the two end to the negative and positive terminals of the Li-ion battery
● Leave the connection for ten to sixty seconds or long enough to charge the battery
● As soon as the Li-ion battery gets warm, disconnect the two batteries. Then insert your battery to your phone then charge it normally.


Those are some of the secret ways How To Recondition Batteries website has provided on steps to refurbish a old phone battery. However, you have to keep in mind that these methods don’t promise a successful result but some of them worked for some people.

They may not be 100% proven and tested; these methods are really worth a try rather than going for the expensive options where you will be buying a new battery or phone.